Pros of vapear electronic cigarettes

Get away from bad smells

While vapear may seem similar to traditional cigarette smoking, they turn out to be two very different things. Smokers carry with them all day the horrible bad breath, the unpleasant smell on their clothes, skin and hair, while cowboys are surrounded by more pleasant smells such as fruity smells, desserts and sweets.

In addition, the steam from vaporizers is very different from the smoke produced by similar cigarettes. The particles in the steam and the smoke are different in their chemical composition. Particles in smoke are carcinogenic substances while those in steam are practically harmless, in fact recent research reveals that smoking in enclosed spaces has little impact.

Recovering your health

Many smokers find themselves without hope of exercising to improve their health and fitness, falling into a vicious circle of obesity, depression, health problems and, worst of all, smoking more and more.

They consider it a waste of time to exercise because they are aware of the serious health damage caused by smoking. The long list of harmful and toxic substances in traditional cigarettes definitely makes vapeo a much healthier choice.

Feeling better

People who have switched to vapeo never tire of talking about the pros of vapeo, such as regaining a sense of taste and smell, having healthy skin, less irritability, having much more energy than when they were smoking, among others. Other ex-smokers noted additional benefits of smoking such as less nausea, less coughing, better and improved blood circulation.

Saving money

Some people have the misconception that vapeo is more expensive than smoking because of the cost of the vapeo starter kit. There are many kits to start vapeoing with prices around 20 euros, which will allow you to take advantage of the pros of vapeoing in a very short time.

After buying an electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer, you will only need to e-liquid and change the resistor every 2 or 3 weeks. The average cowboy spends about 60 euros a month, while a smoker spends twice as much.

More variety

This is the most fun advantage of vape. You can find e-Liquids in almost every flavor imaginable and different levels of nicotine. In addition, there are a variety of models of personal vaporizers, so you’re sure to find one that suits your style.

Customized settings

Vapeo offers different ways of vapeoing. More open puffs, more closed puffs similar to the traditional cigarette, more or less steam, more flavor, density, different levels of nicotine. Vapear is a customizable experience that adapts to the needs of each vapeo.

Social Acceptance

Vapear is more socially accepted than smoking mainly because of the smell it gives off. Cigarette smoke is not only unpleasant, it also harms passive smokers. Vapeo not only produces a pleasant smell that dissipates in seconds, it does not harm the viewers. People are becoming increasingly aware of this, and for this reason, in some places where smoking is not allowed it is possible to vape.

The pleasure of vapear

Hiking is a fun and enjoyable activity. It is an effective tool for quitting smoking because it will keep your hands and mouth busy, as well as relieve intense nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Although there are other effective methods for quitting smoking, such as lozenges, patches, etc., none provide the psychological advantages that quitting offers, in fact smokers switch to quitting for pleasure.

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