Right CBD Dosage

Cannabidiol, also called CBD, is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid found in CBD. Unlike THC it is completely legal, and it is even believed to have many therapeutic properties.

Widely democratized in recent years, the modes of consumption of CBD are diverse and correspond to different consumer profiles.

One of the most healthy and popular will be the taking of Cannabidiol through a CBD Oil.


CBD oil is always composed of an oil base such as olive oil, coconut oil, or hemp seed oil to which will be added an extraction of CBD (Cannabidiol).

For information, the natural hemp seed oil that can be bought in organic stores does not contain Cannabidiol or very little.

The extraction of CBD can be done in several ways. In quality CBD oils sold commercially, the extraction of Cannabidiol is usually achieved by the supercritical CO2 method, a qualitative method that leaves no trace of solvent or heavy metals in the finished product.


CBD oil is generally consumed directly by drops that are placed under the tongue using the pipette provided.
One will be able to also integrate oil CBD in culinary recipes provided that not to make cooking at a temperature of more than 160% not to degrade Cannabidiol. Cold recipes are particularly suitable.
CBD oil can also be used directly on the skin on very localized areas to be treated, or can be taken in the form of CBD-enriched capsules.

The oil will be more quickly assimilated if it is kept under the tongue for a maximum of time, while orally, in capsule form or if the oil is swallowed directly, the liver will filter the CBD and will only allow about 20% of the product to pass…


It may seem complicated at first to choose an oil adapted to its needs.
The dosage will depend primarily on the ailments to be treated and your body type.

An average dose of CBD for an adult of about 80 kilos will be 20 mg of CBD per day. You can easily adapt this dosage to your weight by considering the proportions of 0.25mg per kilogram.
That is to say a dose of 15 mg per day for a person of 60 kilos, and of 25 mg per day for a person of 100 kilos.

For information, a 10ml bottle contains about 200 drops. To obtain the concentration of CBD in a drop, simply divide the total amount of CBD by the number of drops.

CBD Oil 5%: 2.5 mg of CBD per drop
CBD Oil 10%: 5 mg of CBD per drop
CBD Oil 15%: 7.5 mg of CBD per drop
CBD oil 25%: 12.5 mg of CBD per drop

From these calculations, and once you have identified the intensity of the ailments you have to treat, you will choose an appropriate oil dosage.

Indeed for a person of 70 kilos suffering from intense pain and requiring a intake of 50mg of CBD per day, it is better to turn to an oil dosed at 25% and take 4 drops per day, rather than an oil dosed at 5% is take 20 drops to get the same result. Find the best cbd oil for anxiety uk by clicking on this link.


You will hear most often about Full Spectrum oil, it is an oil containing all the Cannabinoids present in CBD (the THC will never exceed the limit of 0,2% to respect the French law).
These Cannabinoids and terpenes (there are more than 140 in the Hemp plant) help the Cannabidiol in its action and act in synergy, it is called the entourage effect. A CBD Full Spectrum oil will therefore be considered as a quality oil.

The CBD Broad Spectrum oil is very similar to the Full Spectrum oil. It also benefits from the entourage effects of the other Cannabinoids but the THC has been completely removed.

The CBD oil based on CBD Isolate is a neutral oil to which CBD crystals are added which have been completely isolated from the other molecules of Hemp. There is no entourage effect in an isolate based oil.

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