Services for network company leaders

With the help of the Internet you can earn much more in MLM, in contrast to business exclusively offline. Certain services, thanks to their functionality, will help to attract and retain the right audience.


Planned actions are a guarantee of success in business. In planners it is convenient to store ideas, to set priorities, not to forget about the need and to refuse useless activities.

Wunderlist and BIPulse are designed for teamwork and help to automate the planning of future activities. Buffer Free Plan will help with planning of publications in Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+.


With access to the Internet Lending and social networks will be the “home base” where your content lives. Creating content in our time is the art of attracting the target client.

For an attractive and professional presentation of information, you may need images that can be found on the photo stations (e.g., Czech or Depositphotos).

You can use both free and paid services, the prices for which are becoming more and more affordable. Buying photos legally, you can use them in high-quality bright presentations and advertising campaigns for your audience.

Presentations and services with templates

Success at MLM is determined by how well the company is presented. To do this, you even need to use the communication by phone or e-mail. A lot of time is spent on this, which cannot be replaced by any investment.

Posts in social networks and on the site, landings and videos will present the product without your participation 24 hours a day. Effectively and dynamically submit business information will help Power Point. Placeit will provide free product templates, and website designers (e.g. Wix or Hostinger) will help you to present your business effectively.

It is the creation of a site for today is very important for the presentation of the business product. Designer will allow you to create and manage pages of the site, even if you do not have special technical knowledge and skills.

Screen Capture Programs

Creation of training videos, presentations and instructions in the form of a list of screenshots provide services for screen capture. Thanks to services like Zoom, you can train your team, present products or opportunities, and mentor in real time.

FastStone Capture and Snagit are functional tools for creating screen shots. Snapshots can be emailed, uploaded to your own website, generated in your presentation and used to train your partners.

Video Services

Videosphere has become the most effective marketing environment. Videos are fast-moving material and magnets.

On YouTube you can place a video that integrates into websites, social networks and other platforms. With the help of videos you can both get useful information for yourself and train your partners.

Khan Academy provides a huge number of video tutorials on various topics. Such platforms provide access to the video archive of lectures and educational courses.

Advertising platforms

Advertising is the engine of progress in business, and for its effectiveness it is important to choose the optimal advertising platform. Advertising company should be carried out taking into account the target audience. As soon as the user comes to the site or looking for something, there is an auction.

On its outcome depends on what ads will be shown to this user and on what position. You can use the display of advertising on the sites corresponding to a certain subject, to limit the display of geographical region or specific users, depending on their interests.

Many sites create their own advertising systems. The experience of Facebook shows that internal advertising is more effective in terms of investment. The audience of a particular resource is already configured to consume certain information and is ready to cooperate.

Business automation systems (eg Recruitment), will open up the functionality and potential of the entire set of tools for business development. Only once you have set it up and optimized it for yourself, you will significantly simplify the work and maximize the automation of your company.

Network marketing on the Internet is a real opportunity to create your own business if you choose the right strategy. The above mentioned tools allow you to build a ml-company, not limiting yourself to any framework and the availability of large initial capital.